Dive Sail Rock from Koh Tao

Sail Rock Surface picture

Dive the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand every day (weather permitting) - only available at New Wave Diving.


Every Day 2 Dive Trip - 2,600 THB


We now guarantee that even if you are the only person that wants to go as a certified diver, we will send one of our two boats for you at no additional charge, providing the weather is suitable. New Wave Diving, and our sister shop New Way Diving, are the only schools on the island that offer such a guarantee.

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Whale Shark, whale Shark at Sail RcokSail Rock is a two-hour journey from Koh Tao, and is the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand.

Due to the distance, we include breakfast, lunch, soft drinks, tea, coffee, water, biscuits and fruit to make your diving day with us as pleasurable as possible. 

We depart at 6am and head to Sail Rock, enjoying a bit of breakfast on the way, as well as a bit more sleep for most people!  

We then complete two dives there, with air consumption being the main limiting factor. You can expect to see huge amounts of tropical marine life, including Giant Groupers, Schools of Batfish, thousands of schooling Big Eye Trevally, Barracudas of all sizes and much much more! 

This is even more the case for those that are Nitrox certified since we offer Free Nitrox for Nitrox Divers. 

With the diving complete, we then make our return to Koh Tao with Lunch served on board. 

There is then the choice, for those that wish, to complete 2 additional dives around Koh Tao that afternoon, which can easily be arranged with your Divemaster of the Day! 

Everything you need is included in this trip, and is a day that everyone loves - staff and customers alike since it is a day unlike any other.

Not only is the diving at Sail Rock incredible, and the food is good, but the all-round great vibe generated is infectious, resulting from the great diving and the relaxed time on the boat, which makes a lot more interaction between divers or all levels.

Sail Rock Batfish School, marine life at Sail Rock

This is a Highly Recommended Trip for your time on Koh Tao.

If desired we can also supply Nitrox at no additional charge.

If not Nitrox Certified, why not join the Nitrox Course, it is over two hours long and we will give you FREE nitrox for your dives the next day!!


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