SSI Science of Diving Specialty Koh Tao

SSI Science of Diving Specialty Koh Tao

What is the Science of Diving Specialty Course?

Do you remember when you first learnt to dive? Do you remember the chart with the balloons and what happens as it goes down? 

This is just a tiny part of Diving Physics, 

Over the period of the Open Water Course, and all other diving courses you were taught you will have been taught a part of what the Science of Diving Specialty covers. 

However, this program provides far more in-depth and detailed information covering all aspects that relate to diving, including physics, physiology, decompression theory, the aquatic environment and diving equipment.

It is required training for most SSI Dive Professional programs, as well as some Extended Range programs, and is a fantastic resource for those considering taking their diving instructor course through any dive agency since the information covered is what all the theory exams are based from. 

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Over the period of 2 classroom session (which can be done online also) we will cover all the separate topics in a relaxed manner. If you like you can easily join one of our diving sessions around this training by perhaps diving in the morning or the afternoon.  

This Diving Specialty Course is available for anyone that has a diving license, is 10 years or older. 

What's included in the Science of Diving Specialty Course?

Everything you could need for your diving course on Koh Tao is included in our pricing. The only thing we don't cover is food and accommodation. Of the many items we get asked about, the below are 100% included;

  • SSI Science of Diving License
  • 2 Classroom Sessions
  • SSI Digital Manual
  • FREE Insurance
  • Pickup service from pier on arrival
  • Light refreshments
  • Includes all equipment rentals
  • Maximum group size of 4:1

Dive Your Way!

All the diving theory sessions take place in our beach bar and restaurant, unless otherwise requested. The maximum group size is 4 students to 1 instructor.

If smaller instruction is desired, please request this by email and we are happy to arrange - we often have people enjoying their honeymoon on Koh Tao who would prefer a more personalized trip.

Likewise, we often get divers that prefer to be in smaller groups.

Whatever the reason - no problem!!! Simply let us know and we can help you out! 

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What will you be doing during the Science of Diving Specialty Course?Diving Physics

During 2 relaxed theory sessions you will cover all the knowledge related to the wonderful wold of Scuba Diving.

There are 5 main core segments;

  • Diving Physics
  • Diving Physiology
  • Scuba Diving Equipment
  • The Diving Environment
  • Decompression Theory

The Schedule

The New Wave Diving Science of Diving Specialist Course is designed to be flexible, and we offer it as such. However, please see below for a sample schedule which includes the 2 optional dives;

Day 1 12:00 - 18:00 Course Orientation, Paperwork & Theory Development 1
Day 2 12:00 - 18:00 Theory Development 2 & Final Exam

Science of Diving Specialty Course Price:

5,500 THB

How to proceed?

There's 2 simple options - the first, follow the book now links and all will be straightforward. You will be taken to Paypal to place a deposit, after which you will receive an email confirmation of your booking, usually within 10 hours.

We start diving courses on Koh Tao every day, so don't worry about this!

We understand planning holidays is hard, and if you're like us, the last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to arrange every single detail. For this reason, we offer a 100% refund policy on all cancellations within 12 hours of the planned start date. 

Alternatively, send us an email and see what we can do to help. Maybe you're unsure if you want to join a course, or perhaps your timings or commitments make the above schedule not possible. No worries - simply tell us what's on your mind and we will do whatever we can! 

What's Next?

The Koh Tao Science of Diving Specialty Course develops your all-round diving knowledge which has a host of benefits.

Not only is it a requirement for some courses and recognition levels, such as the Divemaster (Dive Guide + Science of Diving), but it also provides invaluable information for those looking to become instructors. 

Beyond this is can help you to become a more comfortable and confident diver by making you more knowledgeable and providing you with a wealth of information from which to draw from.  

As a thanks from us for choosing us on Koh Tao to do your diving course, all ex-students receive a discounted rate of 20% on all continuing Fun Dives that they do with us.

It has to be said that many people who do this are also intending to become either Dive Guides, Dive Masters or Diving Instructors with us. 

Secondly, you may decide to with some specialties to further develop your diving ability, or perhaps another course of your choice. We highly recommend the Perfect Buoyancy Course since this not only increases your control and stability while taking pictures, but also makes sure you are staying off the delicate marine life as well as extending the amount of time that you can dive for.  

With all further training we also like to say thanks for completing the Science of Diving Specialty Course with us, and offer 10% Discount from this course. 

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