Diving Internships Koh Tao

Are you currently planning an extended period away or a GAP Year? Would you like to get paid to travel the world? And do you fancy a new career where you get to enjoy the natural environment both above and below the water?

If so, the range of New Wave Scuba Diving Internships offered on Koh Tao might just be your golden ticket, since we will train you from non-diver right through to SSI Divemaster, SSI Instructor, or the highest non-professional rating - Master Diver.

With our Koh Tao Diving Internships, we try to make everything as easy and simple as possible - all you have to do is enrol, pack your bags and join us on Koh Tao, our tropical island paradise in the Gulf of Thailand, and in no time at all you will be on the journey of a lifetime taking people scuba diving for a living… The dream is merely an email away!!

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As one of the Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations to learn diving in the world, the tropical island of Koh Tao, Thailand, is the ideal destination for a scuba diving internship since we offer great year round scuba diving, as well as a constant flow of divers that you get to interact and learn with.

As an award-winning SSI Dive Center we have a team of highly trained individuals recognized by one of the world’s largest certification agencies - SSI.

New Wave Diving is also brilliantly located, in the heart of the biggest and most popular beach in Koh Tao - Sairee Beach. This is the largest developed area on the island with all of the amenities imaginable for a peaceful, comfortable peace of paradise with the benefit of beautiful sunset drinks offered nightly in our very own beach bar.

Since each candidate’s plans are different, we offer a range of scuba dive internship packages to suit all desires, time periods and budgets.

Here’s a run down of our most popular programs:

Beginner to SSI Divemaster – from 67,600

Beginner to SSI Open Water Scuba Instructor – from 160,500

Beginner to SSI Master Diver – 60,000

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