Diver Training - The secret program few shops talk about

Diving on Koh Tao

Learning to dive is an incredible experience, and is an activity we believe almost anyone can do. No matter what certification agency you choose, the Open Water Diver Course, or similar equivalent, is the first full certification level in diving.

It certifies you to dive around the world to a depth of 18m and is your passport to diving around the world. It also allows us to share our passion with you and allows you to enroll in this amazing diving package...

So, if you haven’t done it yet, make your way to the Open Water Diver Page and start your journey of discovery in the underwater world. During this diving certification course, you will gain an understanding of dive theory, put the theory into practice from shallow water through to 18 metres, experience neutral buoyancy and perform a number of scuba diving skills.

And if you have done it already… Congratulations on becoming a certified diver – adventure awaits you!

Endless possibilities are yours to be had. Dive sites all over the world are waiting  to be explored. Marine life, submerged geology, wrecks, man-made structures, the ocean, lakes, quarries.... If it’s under the surface you are now on the road to discovery! 

You may have heard us mention many times that the world is covered by roughly 70% water, and this is your ticket to explore these. However, that is a slight misnomer. This is your ticket to start exploring the previously hidden part of the world. 

To really experience the most you can, you need to complete a little more training for 2 reasons. The first, safety. With increased exploration comes increased need for education. Perhaps you are diving deeper, longer, at night, in freezing water etc. All of these have aspects for the diver to be aware of to maximize their comfort and enjoyment. 

The second is, as with many things in life, insurance. All divers with New Wave Diving are covered with our shop diving insurance, and most travel insurance also covers diving. However, in most policies there is a clause that reads something like the following;

“You can dive to the depth that your license allows up to a maximum depth of 50 meters.”

This is from World Nomads who offer an unusual amount of flexibility. However, most policies have the same clause;

“You can dive to the depth that your license allows”.

As a result, more training is needed to discover more of the world’s ocean. 

Certified Open Water divers traditionally do this through an Advanced course, offered with many names by different agencies, such as the Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI), or the Advanced Adventurer (SSI). Learn to Navigate

These courses consist of 5 “taster” dives which correspond to the first dive from the corresponding specialties. As a result, SSI is more accurate with the labelling of their course as a ‘recognition program’ rather than an all out course. 

These dives offer an opportunity to dip one’s toe in the myriad of continued education courses available through that agency, with different companies having different requirements. Almost all of them require a deep dive to a maximum of 30m, while some require additional dives such as navigation. 

This traditional route is easily sold on a few main selling points;

  • Speed – 5 dives inside of 24 hours means you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your holiday time
  • ​Minimal Classroom – there is very little classroom for these diving programs since the focus is on practical application; you know how to dive already
  • Confidence – it’s 5 more dives within a 1-day time frame as opposed to the 4 dives over 3 days completed during the Open Water Course. This adds massively to your diving ability. Think of it like cramming for an exam if you like!
  • ​Adventure – you dive to 30m, at night, and perhaps even on a Wreck! Sex appeal sells, and the Advanced Diver program is sexy as hell!

Add to this that the instructor teaching your Advanced Course is usually the same instructor that discussed this with you, whether on a fun dive or during the Open Water Diver Course, there are ample reasons for this continuation. 


There is an option that isn’t regularly discussed outside professional circles since it isn’t one many dive shops like to entertain. 

What if we said that there was a way to avoid this program and receive a 40m Diving License? And what if we said this training will also allow give you a Wreck Diver Specialty License? Oh… And the Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty as well…

Deep Dive SpecialtyAmazing I hear you say! Perhaps even incredible… 

After all, with these 3 combinations you most likely would never have to do another recreational level course, unless you like it super cold… 

Diving on Wrecks. Diving to 40m. Diving on Nitrox.

All directly from Open Water Diver Level…. 

Let’s be honest, if you do this, you will have already completed the three most important tools every diver should have. Maximised depth, Wreck exploration, and coupled with these, the ability to maximise the time spent there by utilising the optimum gas mix. All within 1 level of having learnt to dive….Wreck Diving Specialty

Now, what if we said that this was all possible in the same time-frame as the Advanced Diving Programs?

Wouldn’t this be better than conforming to the same routine performed during the Advanced “Taster dives”?

After all, time is the most precious commodity we have. Working week in week out for those precious moments under da sea! Travelling with only limited time in each location. Or perhaps your non-diving partner / family member limits how much time we can spend in our pursuit of happiness… 

With SSI, this is all possible, which is one of the main reasons we teach this as our primary certification!

But how is this possible?

The WRSTC (principle governing body on diving agency practices) only allow 3 training dives per day…

It’s simple for those that know… Utilize your ability to plan dives using all the experience and resources available, and you have 1 result;

Dive Combinations

The age old question has always arisen - If you perform a dive on a Wreck at 30m, is it a Deep Dive, or a Wreck Dive?

It’s both. 

Nitrox Diving Now if you do these dives on Nitrox, it’s also a Nitrox experience Dive. 

We have moved past the age of computer for emails, phones for phone calls, cameras for pictures and everything is becoming multifaceted for user satisfaction and efficiency, since we are all short of time! 

Scuba Diving is no different, and SSI has adapted to this change, and hence has the support of New Wave Diving. 

But these are just examples (it also happens to be our best selling diving packages!!)

Everyone is different with equally different interests, so the good news that there are as many Speciality combinations as there are adventure dive combinations! 

Diving Specialties have now become like a “Pick & Mix”. Perfect Buoyancy, Fish I.D., Navigation, Search and Recovery - the list goes on and on.

Almost all specialty dives can be done in some form of combination, and almost all your interests and needs can be completed in some combination. Each course can interlock with another, and each package fully certified within twenty four hours. 

So what arguments are left?

Training Standards

The training is equal across all agencies since the Scuba Diving governing body, the WRSTC, sets all requirements in place. There are no shortcuts or else the agency would not have worldwide recognition.  


PADI diving vs SSI diving

You didn’t know this was an option and you chose to complete a course with another agency.

Or perhaps someone has told you sticking with a particular agency is advantageous for one reason or another (I hear a lot that people advise PADI for pro training… Blog coming soon for that one!!)

The agencies are interchangeable at ALL levels of training. The only proviso is an SSI Instructor teaches SSI courses, a RAID instructor teaches RAID courses etc. in the same way as all of our instructors are both PADI & SSI accredited. For recreational purposes there is no difference between agency. 

It’s the 21st century – we’ve modernized and kept up to date, and as a result accept people from all backgrounds!!!


Ok, now I hear you addressing the elephant in the room...

It all makes sense. More training, more experience and more knowledge but with no time penalty... all sounds amazing... even too good to be true.... so it must cost a fair bit huh?

Well no, actually our World Diver Package doesn’t cost you any more of your hard earned cash than a traditional Advanced program. 

There really is no downside. 

You are getting full access to training materials, full instruction, full experience and full certification. 

The only difference is that it is all performed in an efficient, streamlined and fun manner that allows you to get the most from the time spent diving.

The whole world is changing. Everyone has less and less time available to do more and more things... It’s just the way of modern life.
By taking a fresh look and different perspective at how we can develop ourselves and our training, we can expand our horizons and more efficiently develop our passion... Diving!!

And now you know the reason this isn’t often discussed outside professional diving circles (and rarely within) - abandoning the traditional route means you can accomplish in 24 hours what would otherwise take almost a week at a fraction of the cost. 

So Why have we told you?

At New Wave Diving, our motto is "Dive Your Way" and we believe to not mention this route to further training, since we know it, wouldn't be fair to you.

We like to have an open and trusting relationship with all of our customers, which creates the confidence required to operate well together. Since we know, it's fair that you should know!

With this information we hope you are now more informed with your options of how to continue and... Dive Your Way. 

Leave us some comments below on what combinations you would be interested in and we’ll try to pair together what we can for you! Who knows, you may be the creator of one of our newest diving specialty combination packages!