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New Wave Diving CrewKoh Tao has been our home for almost 20 years, and diving here has been a passion for as long as we can remember.

It all began as a side-earner for a year of world travel, which made it as far as the second stop when scuba diving took over and life changed - working became a passion, and the mindset changed from working to live to living to work! 

Sure, there were tough times, but there were incredible times - we were living and diving on a tropical island after all!! 

What has this got to do with New Wave Diving?


Through working in a number of dive shops at all employment levels, we created what we feel is the Koh Tao's Best Dive shop, and many people think similarly! 


We combined all the bits that we liked from other shops, and binned the rest, and made this a foundation for our shop. Every member of our team now brings ideas and can openly discuss things they like and dislike, which has resulted in some fantastic offerings not found in many other shops, even on this beautiful island of Koh Tao!   

To list everything would be tedious, but New Wave Diving are proud of the following things among many;

  • All courses are 100% digital - No postage, No laminated envelopes, No plastic certification cards, No Pointless postage.

  • Highly Flexible - you're on holiday here, we live here. Let us know how we can help to make your time here special. We have amazing boat schedules, so all should be easy!
  • Passionate - from the top down everyone is passionate about diving (even our kids)
  • We are on the Beach - we are on an island, so why wouldn't we be! And with nightly sunsets at our Beach Bar...heartheartheart
  • Experienced - we've been here ages, but so have most of our team. Come back year after year and there will always be some familiar and friendly faces.
  • Personal - you're on holiday, not at school!!! We are teaching our passion to you, and this is reflected from the entire shop

What does all this mean?

In short - a lot! 

We focus on greener solutions, which can be seen with our regular beach clean ups and our free reef clean up dives that are offered at least once every month (usually the first Sunday of every month).

It is common knowledge that people become representatives for whatever field they are based in, and in a world where you spend a large part of your life underwater, you naturally become an underwater ambassador.

We don't only teach how to dive, but cover the entire topic, whether from Marine Life habitats and relationships through to the threats and issues facing our habitat - the fish can't talk so we have to represent them!!

We are not interested in being a Big Dive School

This allows us a flexibility that's not available in most other Koh Tao Dive Schools.

Take a quick look through our site - you will most likely notice something missing... Instead of focusing on awards, if we are the biggest and the best, the hundreds of thousands of divers created, etc etc you will find all our articles relate to individual experiences. 

You will regularly see information related to maximum group sizes of 4 students, the advantages in safety and dive site variety we get from having 2 of our own boats and success stories of students who struggled and yet succeeded with dive training. 

Koh Tao has been a diving hub for a long time, and will most likely continue to be for a long time. We feel the way to grow is to be completely customer focused, rather than statistically based.

This is also shown in our steadfast belief that, medical reasons aside, anyone can dive, and as a result take a huge effort to show our passion to everyone, which is the reason most divers leave us as members of our diving family.

So, if you really want to have fun learning to dive on Koh Tao, meet a great group of people, and possibly learn something about the environment all while enjoying the Sun and Sand, get in contact with us now! 

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